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The NHL Club introduced a new talisman – the hairy monster Gritti. In social networks, he was considered strange and frightening

And he managed to slip on the ice several times on the first working day.

On September 24, the National Hockey League (NHL) club Philadelphia Flyers showed its new talisman named Gritti, an orange shaggy monster with a red beard and large rotating eyes. According to the legend on the site of the team, his father was a “hooligan”, and the mascot himself adores hot dogs and there is ice directly from the ice harvester.

Unlike other NHL clubs, Philadelphia has not had a talisman for over 40 years – the latter was “fired” back in 1976. But the appearance of Gritti confused journalists and users of social networks. Someone saw in the monster of the “evolved” team leader Yakub Vorachek.

But many more people saw in Gritti their future nightmare. “A few thoughts about the new team mascot:” Flyers “held focus groups before the decision? And the children seriously answered “No” to the question, whether the thought of Gritti would prevent them from sleeping at night? “- wrote in the publication Sports Illustrated.

The mascot quickly became a hero fotozhab, dedicated to his frightening appearance. The talisman was also reacted by the players of the Philadelphia. “In Sweden, where I played, the tiger was a mascot. Not so crazy, “- said striker Oscar Lindblom.

“The new mascot Flyers is very frightening”

“I’ll eat your soul”

The Philadelphia police responded to the demonstration of the hockey talisman by a comic call to flee the city.

Gritti also has an official Twitter account. On the first day he parodied the photo session of Kim Kardashian and frightened opponents from the “Pittsburgh”.

“(Responding to the tweet of the team” Pittsbrug Penguiz “) Sleep today with one eye open, birdie”

“Good night, the Internet”
About Gritti, there were other jokes in social networks. Over time, the fans got used to the orange monster and began to admit to him in love.

“Gritt looks like a drunken uncle, whom you try to avoid at family parties”

“I fell in love with Gritti”
September 25, Gritti first came out on the ice as a mascot of the NHL team. He slipped several times on the ice, and then he tried to shoot a member of the arena from a cannon shooting T-shirts.

“Gritti had a pretty bad first working day”

“Iiiiiii Gritti is destroyed. It was a good race ”

“This is who will meet you before the gates of hell”

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