“Shooting is prohibited”: the photographer for several years illegally carried the camera to concerts, where photographers were not allowed to go

In his collection there are pictures of Chuck Berry, Prince, Grateful Dead, U2 and other famous musicians.

In the archives of the American photographer Julian David Stone (Julian David Stone), over 10 thousand live images of the most famous performers of rock and roll and rock, but all of them were made illegally.

Stone for the first time without permission carried the camera to the concert when Ramones arrived to his hometown. He tried to enter the building with a camera in his bag, but the guard stopped him saying: “Shooting is prohibited.” The disappointed Stone had already returned to his car and was going to leave the camera there when he had an alternative idea. He dismantled the camera and hid its parts in his socks and pants, and after that he unobstructed inside. In the toilet, he again collected a camera and made a shoot during the concert.

Since that moment I was hooked, it was what I needed.

Julian David Stone

After that, Stone repeated many times the same thing: he hid the camera on his body and went into the hall as a regular spectator. Security practices have improved, but the photographer has also improved his methods. For example, he designed a special jacket, in which it was possible to hide the camera parts.

In October, Stone plans to release a book with the best 250 shots taken by the “hidden camera” at concerts, where photographers were not allowed. Part of the archive is published on its website.

Grateful Dead. Photo by Julian David Stone
Prince. Photo by Julian David Stone
Ramones. Photo by Julian David Stone
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