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Public: Video, where the soap is cut with a knife

Not the most exciting process by description, behind which are hidden ASMR-rollers with a soothing effect.

In September, an English-speaking Soap Cutting account appeared on Twitter , where videos are posted every day, where people cut the soap with a knife. In a few days, almost 40 thousand people have subscribed to the profile, which promises “maximum satisfaction”. By September 25, we began to discuss the account in Russia.

Slicing soap is one of the variations of ASMR-video, which in early 2018 became a trend in this area. Authors and subscribers of similar accounts told The Guardian that the videos, where they cut soap, relax and soothe. “I feel that I can forget about everything for a while and just focus on the sensations and sounds,” said US resident Kaylin.

According to journalists The Guardian, this version of ASMR-video is very popular in Russia. The creator of the account-account soap_asmr_ru Daria stressed that at first it was an inexpensive hobby, but then the soap went up: “In Russia, having a hobby is an expensive pleasure. Soap cutting is like hypnosis. But a month I began to go to soap for about 100 dollars. In our country this is a lot. ”

Most often, the soap is cut into cubes. Soap Cutting of such commercials is the majority.

Another way is to cut thin layers.

In the course is and Russian soap. For example, “Strawberry”.

Users of social networks who looked like ASMR-videos, divided into two camps: some called the process “steeper porn”, while others, on the contrary, did not find anything attractive in the video.

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