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Parrot was printed with a beak from titanium

A group of veterinarians and specialists in additive production from Brazil with the help of 3D printing produced a blue-yellow forearm prosthesis of the titanium superglue. This is reported by

In the ara by the name of Gigi, the upper part of the beak was damaged, which made the bird unable to feed on its own. The project specialists chose titanium as a material for the prosthesis, because the ares actively use the beak as a tool for splitting different seeds.

The operation to attach the prosthesis successfully passed 18 throats. The prosthesis made of titanium was attached to the base of the supra-limb with bone cement and medical screws.

upercluster within 48 hours after the completion of the procedure. Now Gigi feels well and undergoes rehabilitation, the bird has already started using the beak for its intended purpose.

Various auxiliary devices and implants for animals are often made using 3D printing. For example, in Turkey, the sea turtle was printed with titanium jaws, a fragment of the beak for the American white pelican was printed in the Chinese zoo , and in Costa Rica, with a 3D print, a prosthesis was made for the upper part of the beak for the Toucan named Greece.

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