Owners of the old Mac can now also install macOS Mojave

During the presentation of macOS Mojave Apple representatives noted that the owners of the following computers and laptops will be able to install a new OS:

  • MacBook Pro mid-2012 or newer;
  • MacBook Air is mid 2012 or newer;
  • MacBook beginning 2015 or newer;
  • iMac the end of 2012 or newer;
  • Mac Mini end of 2012 or newer;
  • Mac Pro is mid-2010 or newer;
  • iMac Pro 2017

All the others were officially overboard. Apple artificially restricted access to the installation of macOS Mojave.

Exactly a month at the forum of the foreign resource MacRumors developers-enthusiasts struggled with such injustice and, finally, released a patch that allows installing the new OS even on relatively ancient models of Mac computers.

Here is a list of devices for which you can still install the beta version of macOS Mojave :

  • Xserve 2009
  • Mac Pro 2009
  • iMac Late 2009-Late 2011 (only with Intel Core i processors)
  • MacBook Air Mid 2011 (works fine, but there are bugs when drawing the interface)
  • MacBook Pro Mid 2010-Late 2011 (only with Intel Core i processors) (there may be problems with the interface drawing when disabling external graphics)
  • Mac Mini Mid 2011 (HD 3000 works fine, but there are bugs when drawing the interface)

The developer of the patch notes that the system will work exclusively on the Core i processor – on Core 2 Duo, alas, do not count.

To install the system, you must download and install the patch, having access to download the public beta version of the OS. Then you need to create a bootable USB flash drive and install the system from it.

All the necessary patches for the work are already included in the assembly. The developer of the patch notes that the installation should be carried out on a non-primary Mac, because the system may be malfunctioning. MR ]

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