Owners of the new iPhone complain of a bad connection and Wi-Fi

In foreign forums there are messages from the owners of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. They complain about a bad cellular signal and Wi-Fi. Because of this, the speed of the Internet is lower than on smartphones of past generations.

Judging by the information from users, the problem is not connected with any particular operator or model of the router. And in the new iPhone there are fast LTE and Wi-Fi modules, which should provide better speed in comparison with previous versions of the smartphone Apple. It also turned out that the iPhone Xs prefers networks 2.4 GHz, rather than 5 GHz.

So far, there is no explanation for this phenomenon. People already remember the “antenna-gate”: the buyers of iPhone 4 in their time faced the same problem. Now the owners of the iPhone Xs are hoping for an update to iOS, which, perhaps, will fix the situation.

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