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Lioness vs. or “Stop Ham” is feminist. Activist punishes men for men-preaching with spoiled trousers

In the network, the video manifest of the activist Anna Dovgalyuk, known for the previously held video manifesto “What’s under my skirt”, dedicated to the fight against the men’s winning, is gaining popularity.

Menspreading in feminist discourse is the phenomenon of widely spaced legs in seated men in transport; Menspredding is considered to be a disrespect for women, not only because it can prevent them from sitting next to each other, but because it is considered a gross manifestation of masculinity.

The girl finds the men sitting in the subway, pushing apart their legs, and pours their trousers in the groin area with a liquid containing bleach. Thus, the activist seeks to draw attention to the problem of men-sparing and to wean men to move their legs in transport.

Anna Dovgalyuk published a video from the metro of St. Petersburg, in which she pours a liquid with bleach men in the metro. The incidents were including sleeping men.

At the end of the video, Anna announced the holding of this action also in Moscow and Kazan.

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