Apple earns $ 134 on memory in the iPhone XS 512 GB

This year, Apple first launched the smartphone model, which is equipped with 512 GB memory modules. But it’s not for nothing that Apple is the most expensive company in the world with a capitalization of over $ 1 trillion.

Earning from sales of the top-end iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max company does not get due to an improved camera, loud stereo speakers or a new color. The main revenue item is a tiny 512GB Nand-chip.

For 11 years, the amount of memory has increased 64 times, but the profit does not lag.

Analysts calculated that the cost of 1 GB in Nand-chips is 25 cents. Apple charges customers 78 cents for 1 GB. In this case, the more memory – the higher the rate.

Thus, the 512 GB iPhone XS brings the company $ 134 more profit than the 64 GB model. In that case, is it not better to pay for the cloud? Bloomberg ]

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