31 innovation macOS Mojave. Have collected all

Apple released macOS Mojave with a dark theme and improved security

Since the release of the first beta version of the macOS Mojave has passed less than a day. Excitement before testing new operating systems Apple is always, and we decided to find out what new developers have added to the next macOS.

Below is the 31 new feature that you will find in the new macOS Mojave.

1. Dark Mode

This is one of the most notable innovations of the updated operating system. The suggestion to change the interface to a dark color scheme appears at the first authorization, immediately after installation.

View: It looks good, but my eyes are very tired. In addition, while there is no normal optimization of some regular applications. The same iTunes looks wretched.

2. Color Accent

There were just two items in the Settings -> Basic menu . In appearance you can change the themes (light / dark), and opposite the Color Accent field there are 8 new colors at once. When you select them, the individual interface elements change, like drop-down lists.

3. Dynamic wallpaper

In the macOS Mojave appeared three new wallpapers with the image of a mound. In addition, there is a special mode of changing wallpaper depending on the time of day.

4. Screen saver sorting

Changed the display of sorting screensavers in macOS. Instead of two columns now one.

5. Random choice of screensavers

In order not to get tired of the same screen saver in the standby mode, the developers added a random selection point for the splash screen style.

6. Indicator of recent programs

A new section appeared on the Dock. There are applications that you use most often.

7. Advanced Settings for Mission Control

To facilitate access to open windows, you can use advanced settings for key combinations.

8. New privacy settings

In the macOS Mojave applications, you can restrict access to individual elements of the system. There were restrictions for the camera, microphone, system administration, advertising, automation and data programs.

9. Prevent view of notifications when locking

An additional menu item appeared to hide notifications when the Mac is locked. There are two options: always and “when the Mac is unlocked.”

10. Missing “extra” social networks

In the new OS, Apple saw off Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn from pre-installed Internet accounts. They were removed from the Share in Safari menu.

11. New item Software updates

In Settings added a new item Update Software . Information in it is not so much, but to use instead of launching the App Store is still more convenient.

12. Parental Controls

One of the key functions of the macOS Mojave is Parental Control. In the new OS, you can remotely monitor your child’s MacBook or iMac.

That is, instead of a new account on one Mac, an account is created for the remote computer.

13. Fast actions for files: passwords

Apple promised to simplify the interaction with the files of the system. Now in the context menu, if you select multiple files, you can set a password for opening.

If you select this option, you must specify a password. Then the system will pack the selected files.

14. Quick Actions: PDF

After selecting a few pictures and tapping on the PDF menu, for a split second you get a glued PDF-file. The system does not ask any additional questions.

15. Fast actions: turn

In the new OS, you can rotate one hundred photos at once in one fell swoop. This is done from the context menu without additional manipulation.

16. Sorting files on the desktop

In order not to clutter up the desktop, in the macOS Mojave Apple has provided a sorting algorithm for the stacks. This item is selected from the context menu. Specifying the type of sorting, all files of the same type (pictures, video or documents) are combined into one “pile”.

One tap on such a pile opens access to all files.

17. Sorting the stacks of files

The created stacks of files can also be organized.

18. Advanced mode of Continuity

In regular applications, you can insert photos and videos taken directly on the iPhone. The screenshot above shows how this menu item looks in the Notes application.

19. New display mode in Finder

The regular file manager Finder has a new display mode. It is much more convenient than the outdated CoverFlow from previous versions of the OS. Users have access to advanced EXIF ​​information about the images.

20. Quick functions for photos

In the new mode added a quick access to several actions: adding markup, rotation, export to PDF, setting passwords.

21. New screenshot editor

One of the most tangible changes is the completely redesigned screenshot editor. After pressing the combination of keys CMD + Shift + 4 (3), you can choose several options for removing the screenshot:

  • selected area
  • selected window
  • full screen
  • video recording of selected area
  • full screen video recording

In addition, there are settings for the delay time for the timer to create a screenshot and a folder to save. The finished image is placed for a few seconds in the buffer zone in the lower right corner of the screen.

22. The all-new Mac App Store

This is another major achievement of Apple developers. Absolutely new app store Mac App Store with a total redesign, detailed descriptions, video demonstrations of application functionality, thematic sections and improved navigation.

Perhaps this is one of the main reasons to update the system.

23. Increased security


Owners of the MacBook Pro with touch panel Touch Bar can now not worry about the theft of their fingerprints. Apple has restricted access to applications to the finger pad map. The less known a developer, the smaller the fragment of the printout pattern he will get.

24. Improved preview

To quickly view the contents of files in macOS, a space is used for a long time. Now from the preview window you can select additional actions: format the document, adding notes, rotate or share.

25. Dictophone

It was done! In the macOS Mojave appeared a simple dictaphone for fast addition of audio notes.


The functionality of monitoring for shares and securities is listed in a separate appendix. Looks good. In addition, there is news that contributes to changing prices for certain positions.

27. Appendix Home

For owners of “smart” devices compatible with Apple’s HomeKit, they brought a gift. Now the “Home” application is also available on the macOS. You can specify automation scenarios and add new devices. All as on iOS.

28. Appendix News

Apple was not in vain buying news aggregators and publications. The company was preparing to launch its own news product. The corresponding application appeared in macOS.

29. Group calls FaceTime

The fans of ever-glitching Skype can exhale. With the release of iOS 12 and macOS Mojave, users have access to group video conferencing. The maximum number of participants is 32.

30. Blocking access in Safari

Apple decided to deal with Internet resources that abuse access to personal data of users. Now in the settings of the Safari browser appeared a harder blocker. Any site that wants to access a microphone, camera, or geo-location will need to request permission from the user.

31. Icons of sites on Touch Bar

It seems that this is the only innovation that touched the touch panel Touch Bar. Favikonki (logos) of the sites opened in Safari will be displayed on the Touch Bar display. Of course, if the webmasters of a particular resource set them up.

Perhaps, this is all that the new Mac OS Mojave can boast.

It is difficult to say that we saw a number of innovations. Apple just fine-tuned some elements of the system, making it more convenient. The main emphasis is on the developers to optimize and fix bugs.

Given that I was able to test the system right after the first beta version for developers, I can safely say – Apple did not hit the dirt in the face. macOS Mojave works very stably, without loading the processor or RAM.

If you notice any other innovations or features in the macOS Mojave, write about them in the comments. About how to install the OS right now, we told in a separate article .

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