What does the demand for Yandex.Taxi look like when it rains in Moscow

And how it works inside the service.

September 24 at 19:00 in Moscow, the service “Yandeks.Probki” estimated the busyness of the capital roads in 10 points, according to the data of “Yandex.Terminal.” The maximum value of the indicator used in the service did not last long, returning to 9 points, which in general reflected the situation of extremely rainy Monday.

Although the rain in Moscow – an ordinary phenomenon, traffic jams of 10 points are still considered something unusual. In April 2018, in the Center for the Organization of Road Traffic in Moscow (owned by the government of Moscow), in a similar case (on April 18 it was raining), doubted the accuracy of the service. Then in the CDC they said that at 10 points the average speed of the traffic according to the statistics of Yandex.Probok was 21 km / h, and the average speed of 23 km / h was detected in the CDC.

In the past, in situations with 10-point traffic jams, the Yandex.Maps service previously recommended to the user: “It is better to go by metro”. However, many users still prefer to go by taxi, despite the dramatically increasing coefficients and the multiplying the duration of the trip.

The company has already described how demand varies in bad weather, but it is not specific. It is known that as soon as heavy rain begins, the number of orders grows three to four times, because in such weather, many users go “from door to door”. And although the service has data from Yandex.Plugi and can predict in advance the increase in demand, for some reason it can not get taxi cabs to offer the same proposal at peak hours – probably because demand exceeds any available offer.

On one of the graphs, compiled (as I explained) according to one of the showers in 2016, you can observe how the demand for “Yandex.Taxi” in the area where rain comes is instantly growing.

But what to do when the rain goes all day, and the traffic jams (6 points at 16:36 – it’s 3 points higher than usual, 9 points at 18:39 – 4 points higher than usual) is unclear. Cars move too long or expensive, but to walk down the street in heavy rain and wind (the Ministry of Emergency Measures warned of gusts up to 12-17 m / s until the morning of September 25) – unpleasant and dangerous: you can get sick or fall under a falling tree .

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