Viktor Tsoy as an artist

Victor (left) at an art school. 1973 year.

The musician often said that he professionally owns a drawing, but prefers the so-called free style. His works were characterized by elements of primitivism and expressionism, and he also used ornament. The most common characters in Tsoi’s drawings are “square” men. And the stories, executed in the style of graffiti, very clearly reflect the attitude of the person of the late 1980s.

Here is what his mother, Valentina Vasilievna remembers about the beginning of the creative career of Tsoi: “From childhood Vity had various artistic inclinations. He drew well and sculpted. He was very impulsive in his childhood, in the fourth grade a teacher in art studio said that Victor was not inclined to patient, laborious work. If he wants to – draws, and draws wonderful, but if he does not want to – you will not force it. “From 1974 to 1977, Viktor Tsoy studied at the secondary art school.

Perhaps this style was the result of the influence of Hungarian comics, which brought rock musicians Agnesh Horvath, and American comics of those years.

His last works are performed in a less expressive manner and are more realistic.

The work of Victor Tsoi, dated 1988, was auctioned off in Moscow. The creation of the legend of Russian rock and the idol of youth of the 1980-90s was initially estimated at 18-22 thousand euros. As a result of the auction, the picture depicting schematic square men and their leader, hit by an arrow, was sold for 31 thousand euros.

The painting, which was sold at the Moscow auction for 31 thousand euros
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