Vegan criticized the manufacturer of leather covers for iPhone

The American company Saddleback Leather, which is engaged in the production of various accessories from genuine leather, fell under the sights of a vegan advocate. The firm has posted a promotional video, which tells about the process of creating a cover for the iPhone – of course, from 100% leather, and not 20%, “as other companies usually do.” The resource Boredpanda drew attention to the conflict.

Video attracted the attention of a man who expressed his views on social products in social networks: “So, 100% of the animals killed? Do dogs, horses and cats kill for the sake of decorating your iPhone? No, thank you. ” The company decided to keep the defense and explain its position. They stressed that no one kills dogs, and the cows that became the source of the skin, and so were dead – they did not kill them for their covers.

However, this did not satisfy the man who insisted : “That is, some poor animals still killed” bundles “, so that your phone looks beautiful? No thanks”.

Saddleback Leather decided to end the dispute by offering the American not to buy a smartphone at all, as it uses materials “mined in the Congo and other regions by slaves.”

Internet users were divided into two camps. Some considered the claims to the company as far-fetched, others – quite reasonable.

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