Users complain about cheating screen of iPhone XS

Apple has introduced new, such expected smartphones. But as it often happens, some users are completely happy with the acquisition, others are faced with the first problems. At the reddit forum, an entry is posted , which is accompanied by pictures of two “apple” smartphones – the “old” iPhone X and the fresh iPhone XS.

According to the owner of both devices, the new one has obvious problems with the display, which is almost unable to correctly display the black color – for this it is necessary to turn the brightness to the maximum, otherwise the black gets an unusual shade. The writer hopes that he will be able to quickly exchange his iPhone XS under warranty.

Around the same time, there was information that the screen calibration may be due to the new operating system iOS 12. The problem appears, apparently, on the current smartphones and tablets Apple, and not just new ones. Reported about the problem with the iPhone XS and iPhone X, in turn, did not specify which versions of the software are installed on his mobile phones.

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