The video got another robbery of the Apple store

High insurance payments or ineffective work of security services lead to the same result: the US regularly receives news about a new robbery of Apple’s branded stores. The next raid was the point in Santa Rosa, that in California. The passerby was able to record on video as a process of robbery, as well as the detention of one of the thieves.

Being in the shopping center Santa Rosa Plaza, the user, under the pseudonym Gooneryoda, saw, he said, six people in jeans and hooded bikes. They were heading to the Apple store, looked suspicious, and the American prepared to shoot. As it became obvious later, not in vain.

All but one robber could escape. He was detained by two men in civilian clothes and a pair of guards.

As noted by AppleInsider, in California, only this year, several dozen robberies of Apple stores were recorded. The store, which became the target of the criminals this time, was raided in August. Then the store took out goods for $ 35 thousand.

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