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The student earned $ 22,000, showing his bitcoin-purse number on TV

The American student received 22 thousand dollars after the number of his account for bitcoin was shown on TV. This is reported by Business Insider .

During the broadcast, a student appeared on the screen with a tablet on which besides the inscription “Hi Mom, send me …” the logo of the Bitcoin crypto currency and the QR code were displayed. In the latter, the account number of the young man is encrypted .

Reddit users cleaned the image and published a better version of the code for reading in the network so that anyone could send their donation to the student.

The student’s action quickly got on the main Reddit. Some of the site users started sending bitcoins to the specified account. After receiving more than a hundred transactions, the young man became the owner of 22,478 bitcoins, which at the time of writing the note corresponded to approximately 22 thousand dollars.

Business Insider believes that the bitcoin community has intentionally turned this story into a loud PR campaign in order to attract additional attention to the crypto currency, and at the same time raise its value.

On the night of December 1 to December 2, unknown people launched a “duck” about hacking into the payment system of the bitcoins, which in a matter of minutes collapsed their cost by hundreds of dollars. At the time of writing, the cost of bitcoin almost returned to its former value of about $ 1000.

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