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The prison in Texas donated 45 boxes of bananas. The guards found in them cocaine for $ 18 million

The prisoners almost brought 540 packages with a drug instead of food.

Representatives of the Department of Criminal Justice of Texas told in Facebook of an unusual case of drug smuggling. The authorities found a large batch of cocaine in bananas destined for one of the American prisons.

Bananas donated to the local prison Wayne Scott Unit, because they were not taken away at the seaport near the Mexican Strait. They were going to be taken to the institution, but when unloading the guards noticed that there was something “wrong with the weight of the boxes.” The prison staff opened one of the boxes and found cocaine under the bananas. In total, the donated cargo was 540 packets of drugs worth about 18 million dollars.

The US Border Guard Service and the Anti-Drug Department opened an investigation because of the finding with the boxes. “Sometimes life gives you lemons. Sometimes she gives you bananas. And sometimes – something that you do not expect! “, – noted in the Department of Criminal Justice of Texas.

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