Ten years after the release, Android’s share is 88%

The day before the Android operating system was 10 years old – the release of the first smartphone running this OS was held on September 23, 2008. “The firstborn” was the T-Mobile G1, the same HTC Dream outside the US. It was a 3.17-inch slider with a physical keyboard. Today the share of Android reaches 88%, the second place with 11.9% – in iOS.

HTC Dream was different from a much more elegant iPhone 3G, which did not stop him quickly gain popularity – for the first six months, the mobile phone with a new operating system sold more than a million copies. And gave rise to a new era.

The popularity of Android has become both a positive and negative feature of the OS – for this it is often criticized. Be that as it may, now only two operating systems are on hearing – Android and iOS, the others have become a part of history. Even Microsoft could not with all its resources keep its own platform afloat. However, HTC dropped out of the list of top mobile vendors.

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