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Skateboarder Tony Hawke often does not recognize in everyday situations. He has been ironically writing about this for twelve years on Twitter

Many people know the name of the legendary sportsman, but there are problems with memory for appearance.

Tony Hawke – the legendary American athlete, whose name for many is the embodiment of skateboarding, like Michael Jordan in basketball or Michael Schumacher in the race. He was the first in history to perform the most difficult turn on 900 degrees in the air, also in his honor the popular line of video games Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is named. The edition of Sports Illustrated wrote about Hawke: “Tony is the first skateboarder who gave his face to a separate sport, and it was replicated to the whole world. Hawk has become an integral part of American pop culture. ”

But a great name does not mean a recognizable appearance. The 50-year-old athlete, who still skates on the board, does not find out periodically at airports, restaurants, shops and on the streets. Hawke refers to this with irony: since 2009, he tells on Twitter about unusual cases when people could not understand who he was.

Often a skateboarder finds himself in a situation where his interlocutor knows the name of Tony Hawke because of popularity in pop culture. But to correlate the famous name with the appearance does not work.

“For clarity, my real name is Anthony. An ATB security officer checks my passport, looks at me, looks at the passport, looks at me questioningly and says loudly: “Tony Hawke is my favorite skater.” I: “I will tell him” ”

“A woman in an airplane pulls her luggage from the top shelf:” Whose skateboard is this? He’s hindering my bag. ” I: “This is mine, you can move it here.” She: “Yours?” Do you ride? “. I: “Aha”. She: “Are you good at this?”. I sometimes”. She: manically giggles and leaves the plane ”

“Employee ATB (checks the passport):” Hawk, straight as a skateboarder Tony Hawk! “. I: “Exactly.” She: “Cool, I wonder what he does now.” I: “Well, that’s it” ”
Sometimes people find themselves close to a clue, but something is missing.

“A woman at the airport:” My husband told me that you are cool in something there. This is true?”. I: “Yes, it’s written on my business card” ”

“Dude at the gas station in Iowa:” Did anyone tell you that you look like a young Tony Hawke? “. He’s my new favorite. ”

“Woman in the airplane: You look like Tony Hawke! Me: Is it good? She: Well … He’s a skateboarder. <== paste the answer here, I did not have the answer »
But in a few years there were also cases when he was mistaken for other legendary athletes.

“An employee of ATB (looks carefully):” I’m trying to guess who you look like before the identity card is checked. ” I: “Okay.” Employee of ATB: “You are a cyclist [Lance] Armstrong!”. An employee nearby: “This is not Lance Armstrong.” I: “He’s right.” Employee of ATB: “Oh, you look like a skateboarder (checking the identity card). Even the same name! Ofiget! “. I: “Ofiget.”

“The guy in the restaurant:” Are you popular? “. I: “Depends on who you ask.” He: “Has anyone told you that you are like [an American football player] Tom Brady?”. I never””
Even when Hawke still find out – it can turn into an embarrassing situation.

“The steward checks the upper shelves of the aircraft. He sees four skateboards and asks in jest: “Tony Hawke on this flight or something like that?”. He looks down and sees me. He: “I think he’s here” ”

“Girl in the restaurant: Are you Tony Hawk? I: Yes. She: Why? I did not have an answer to this. “

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