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Roskomnadzor revealed the reasons for the requirements for “Habr” to remove publications and comments


The administration satisfied the department’s requests “in all cases”.

Roskomnadzor five days later for the first time commented on the decision of the owners of the collective IT community “Khabr” to publish statistics of inquiries from state bodies. The administration of the site has complied with the requirements of the department 14 times since 2013 and can “serve as an example of a relationship” to such requests, the regulator stressed.

We are grateful to the portal’s administrators for the most responsible approach to the implementation of the norms of Russian legislation. All the requirements specified in the Roskomnadzor notifications have been met. In all cases, access to illegal information was limited.


Roskomnadzor first explained that it demanded that the “Khabra” limit information in the section of blogs or in comments under author’s posts. The site was asked to restrict access to information on the independent manufacture of firearms, on ways to avoid taxes, on forgery of travel documents and the creation of malicious programs.

Roskomnadzor does not cover the reasons for the requests in detail, but Habr does not disclose their content. In the case of forgery of travel documents, most likely, we mean the student’s material of the correspondence department of LETI about the opportunity to go for free on the map “Podorozhnik” in St. Petersburg. At the time of writing the note, access to this publication on the “Habr” is closed.

Roskomnadzor said that it acted on the basis of decisions of the courts or federal bodies, which may require blocking before the court’s decision.

June 19, “Habr” was the first among Russian companies to publish a report on the requests of Roskomnadzor, the FSB, the Investigative Committee, the Interior Ministry and other state bodies. According to site statistics, he granted 30 requests from the authorities, two of which appealed and nine rejected. The only contested request of Roskomnadzor dates back to 2018 and concerns the inclusion of some information in the register of prohibited sites – but it was also granted.

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