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Mem: A girl and five guys

A shot from a porn film was outraged as early as 2016, but two years later it was rethought - now it's a new Loss.

At the beginning of June 2018, in Runet, it became increasingly common to use a picture with a miniature girl and five dark-skinned guys. An unusual frame from porn became a meme back in 2016, but two years later turned into a universal template, when jokes are seen even where there are none.

Porno actress from the photo is called Piper Perri (Piper Perri). She is 23 years old, but she has already gained wide popularity – entered the top 20 actresses in terms of the number of requests for Pornhub for 2017. In 2015, she starred in a porn film for the Collette site, entitled “Orgy Is the New Black”, referring to the series “Orange – the new black.”

In 2016, a frame with her and five actors began to be used on Reddit for jokes like “Me and my problems” or “Me and my finances”. The design that the girl on the sofa is in danger, spread to jokes about politics, movies and games.

“Business, taxes, apartment fees, student fees, bank account and me”

“Russia, Great Britain, USA, France, President of Syria and Syria”

"Powerful Hurricanes in the US and Florida"
“Powerful Hurricanes in the US and Florida”

By 2017 the meme has become popular in Russia: the design has remained the same, only the joke vector has shifted to Russian rap, infidel girls and stereotypes about the family.

In early June 2018, on Reddit, most often in the Dank Memes section , several pictures were published that turned out to be variations of the meme with Piper Perry. He was so divided that Reddit even got posts under the headings “This Is Not a Piper Perry Meme.”

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The meme was dubbed the “new Loss,” because they began to see the design with five guys and a girl everywhere, even in bananas, glasses of ice cream, and other memes.

“Black thing, black thing, black thing, black thing, black thing and white thing”

The joke gets to RuNet gradually – the communities of Dank Memes and 9Gag on VKontakte make the most effort for this . Memes with Russian characters are still few, most often the authors just use pictures from Reddit.

“Eugene, Dasha, Galina Sergeevna, Pugovka, Masha and their dad. 
A reference to the characters of the series “Daddy’s Daughters” “

“Incognito modes and the regular Google Chrome browser”

Reference to the meme ” 
Wrong guy “

Link to the Loss Meme

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