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Japanese experiment: invalids will manage robots-waiters

In one of the Tokyo cafes will be an unusual experiment. From 26 November to 7 December at weekends, OriHime-D robots will serve the guests of the establishment, who will be managed remotely by people with disabilities.

Listen to orders and see what is happening man can through the camera and microphones on the robots. Devices that are 1.2 meters high and weigh 20 kilograms will stream the image and sound to a user’s computer or tablet.

It is assumed that the management will be able to even people with serious diseases like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (such a diagnosis was in Stephen Hawking).

Head Ory Lab, which develops OriHime-D, explained the idea of ​​the project: “I want to create a world in which people who can not move can work . ” It is noteworthy that the CEO of the company also had health problems and difficulties in communicating with people – so he started to create robots.

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