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15-year-old daughter of a millionaire died of a sandwich

The daughter of the founder of the network of toys Wow Toys, Nadima Ednan-Laperuza, died, eating an ordinary sandwich. She died after she decided to have a snack at the airport. This is reported by the Daily Mail .

The girl bought a sandwich with olives, artichokes and tapenade in the cafe of the network Pret a Manger and ate before she left for Nice. In the plane, the girl had an acute allergic reaction. Natasha died in one of the clinics of Nice, because of cardiac arrest.

Natasha Adnan-La Perouse

According to doctors, the reaction could cause sesame seeds, which were added to the bread when baked. Sesame is among the 14 allergens, the presence of which in food, according to British laws, the manufacturer must indicate on the packaging. However, this requirement does not apply to catering establishments.

Investigators find out whether the crew of the air carrier was sufficiently podotovlen to such situations. Also after the incident in the UK can tighten the rules for labeling products containing allergens.

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