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13-year-old boy with an allergy died because of the cheese, which he threw a classmate

Caranbir Cima from London died after cardiac arrest. His classmate jokingly threw a piece of cheese into his jersey.

The teenager was extremely susceptible to allergies to wheat, gluten, all dairy products, eggs and nuts. The school doctor immediately used a special inhaler, which was supposed to help Karan, but the anaphylactic shock did not stop. When the boy began to lose heart MR. Oppat called an ambulance, as well as asked for additional staff assistance. During the waiting the doctor brought the adrenaline to the child, did an indirect heart massage, and also used the defibrillator.

After 10 days of struggle for life, Karanbir died because of a cardiac arrest in a local hospital.

He was very smart and knew how to cope with this condition. I personally taught him. I asked him to read all about it. We want answers.

Rina Chima
Karan’s mother
Karin with her mother

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