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The war of Linux developers against new inclusive rules of conduct

Another threat to the Internet.

Coraline Ada Emke, creator of the Code of Conduct. Photo: Wikipedia

September 16, Linux adopted a new code of conduct ( Code of Conduct ), aimed at a greater variety in programming – currently in this area is dominated by white men of traditional orientation. These norms are criticized because they can prevent anyone from participating in open-source projects and add their code to the project.

Linux developers are afraid of a new witch hunt – the adoption of these norms in other projects led to the ban of contributors to projects, for example, Larry Garfield, one of the Drupal developers was banned because he was addicted to BDSM, and “BDSM is a threat to gender equality.”

Therefore, developers threaten to use their right to delete their code from the Linux kernel and to sue those who continue to use their developments. Such opportunities are given to them by the GPL ver. 2 license. Linux is used in a huge number of applications, so if developers put their threats into action, many applications can become vulnerable to attacks, and companies get unwanted legal obligations.

Sage Sharp, who identifies himself as a “diversity and inclusion consultant, a Puffendu, a non-binary transsexual” already accuses Theo Tso of protecting rape:

In response, many saw the obvious irony of what was happening:

Several users on 4chan believe that Theo was attacked first because he resisted the backdoor of Intel:

Earlier, Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, known for his direct and harsh criticism, who also claimed not to believe in political correctness, went on a creative vacation.

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