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Canadian company is looking for a man for the post of taster of marijuana

Canadian company A Higher Level Of Thought, engaged in the sale of marijuana, opened the vacancy of an “expert expert” in the field of smoking marijuana. The task is to assess the quality of cannabis from local producers. This was reported on Twitter AHLOT.

The employee is promised to pay up to 50 Canadian dollars ($ 38.7) per hour. You can apply for a vacancy before October 17th. All candidates must be over 19 years old, but for those living in Alberta and Quebec the threshold is lower for a year.

Candidates are required to have “a self-sacrificing interest in cannabis and be able to distinguish even the finest properties of various products.” In AHLOT note that the vacancy should not be considered as the main job: every week for tasting will have to be allocated from one to three hours. The number of hours per month should not exceed 12. Also applicants should be prepared for short-term business trips.

Judging by the selection rules, the company is looking for experienced connoisseurs of cannabis: to apply for participation in the contest, candidates will have to answer questions most people do not know the answers to. You can send your applications before October 17th. The work is open only to residents of Canada.

“If you have any problems with the public use of marijuana, then this vacancy is not for you,” the job description indicated.

The company believes that this work “will help Canadians understand the complex system of brands and types of cannabis.”

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