Weatherproof iPhone XS tested with beer

During the September presentation, Apple proudly stated: “The new iPhones have improved water resistance, and now it complies with the IP68 standard.” In theory, this means that the smartphone can withstand diving in water to a depth of more than one meter for 30 minutes.

Apple noted that it tested the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max in different liquids: water, wheat, wine and even beer.

The last drink was especially interested in the iFixit demounters. Friday night, the guys decided to check how long the iPhone XS will last in a foamy drink.

After installing a two-meter flask and filling it with beer, iPhone XS went to rest on the bottom of an improvised test design. iFixit launched the broadcast on their channel and left the gadget to celebrate Friday.

Alas, due to the fact that the broadcast was delayed, YouTube interrupted it. By the time iPhone XS stayed in beer for almost 5 hours. This is a very worthy indicator. iFixit promised that they will report on the results of testing. 9to5 ]

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