We upgraded iPhone 5s to iOS 12 for you. Very surprised

This Monday, iOS 12 became available for a huge number of Apple smartphones, including the iPhone 5s, which was introduced in September 2013.

Just think about it, it’s been 5 years since that moment, and the device is still supported by the company!

We understand how well iPhone 5s works on the new version of iOS.

For the purity of the experiment, I used the same iPhone 5s. First I ran multiple tests with iOS 11.4.1 installed, after which I updated the device to iOS 12.0 and repeated the actions.

1. Device turn-on speed

On last year’s iOS version, the smartphone turns on in 34 seconds, on the iOS 12 installed, the device starts up at 41 seconds.

cold start of iPhone 5s:

  • iOS 11 = 34 seconds
  • iOS 12 = 41 seconds

Looking ahead, I note this only advantage of iOS 11.4.1. Next, the current axis tears the previous one.

2. Application launch speed

The usual testing is one by one starting the list of 14 different applications on the smartphone: Calendar, Clock, Shazam, Gismeteo, Photo, Instagram, Safari, Youtube, Twitter, Navigator, VK, Camera, Music, Afterlight.

At first, all applications were launched at startup, and then from the RAM of smartphones.

Running 14 applications:

  • iOS 11 = 85 seconds
  • iOS 12 = 70 seconds

On average, the “cold” start in the iPhone 5s on iOS 12.0 is 70 seconds, in iOS 11.4.1 the figure is 85 seconds.

Restarting 14 applications:

  • iOS 11 = 31 seconds
  • iOS 12 = 25 seconds

Re-starting applications on the “twelfth” is also faster. In the previous version of the operating system, the camera is started longer, due to which the lag is about 6 seconds.

3. Synthetic tests

In two familiar synthetic tests, the same iPhone 5s showed different numbers.

In the AnTuTu synthetic test, the iPhone 5s smartphone on iOS 12.0 received 67120 points, which is 4.6 thousand more than the results of tests on the previous version of iOS.

Curiously, in GeekBench 4 the numbers turned out identical.

General impressions


Responsiveness and speed of work have increased, the twisted animation at switching is not present, all works smoothly.

By the way, in order to reduce the possibility of jamming for more comfort, I advise you to turn off unnecessary animation: go to Settings – General – Universal access , and enable the Reduce motion option .

My verdict: can be updated

In general, the old man iPhone 5s works responsibly. The camera starts not to blink for a few seconds.

Now you can really get your smartphone out of your pocket and without any problems to shoot some event. Earlier, because of the brake chamber, you could feel the essence of the phrase “the moment is missed.”


Apple, as promised, in iOS 12 focused on improving performance, stability and error recovery. New chips are not so many , but the optimization of the programmers of the company really worked for glory.

“IPhone 5”, at least in the coming year will adequately work with the latest iOS 12. Not as fast as the new generation of iPhones, but nevertheless the result is impressive.

Already every tenth owner of the iPhone has delivered a new version of iOS, absolutely the right solution.

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