The Team application for Siri was released. We swing necessarily

Along with the release of iOS 12 , Apple has finally introduced and a separate Team application for Siri’s voice assistant. You can download it in the Russian App Store .

With the help of fast Siri commands, you can automate a number of tasks.

For example, create several GIF animations based on a photo, get a route to the nearest cafe, post a post to Twitter, copying the text of the song that you are listening to.

The number of all possible scenarios is almost unlimited. In this case, you can configure both the widget for the Today screen and ask for a specific Siri script.

Perhaps, this is the best change that the voice assistant received from the day of release in 2011.

Quick Siri commands will work only on devices with iOS 12, that is, starting from the iPhone 5s and newer.

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