The sleep mode in iOS 12 set me up. It does not work at all

With the release of iOS 10, a new function Sleep mode. Even during the beta testing of iOS 12, I tried to use them several times. True, the function worked extremely crookedly.

Well nothing. Perhaps, they fixed it for release, and everything suddenly became good. How am I wrong when I turned on the function last night.

What is the function and how does it work?

Sleep mode is a function that allows you to adjust the quality of sleep of the owner of Apple technology. It is responsible for the operation of the alarm clock and the Do Not Disturb mode.

Once you set the time to go to sleep, the iPhone and iPad will remind you when to go to bed. And automatically wake up in the morning.

In theory, this all should work by itself. And the same Do Not Disturb mode itself is turned off at a certain time set by you.

What do we actually see


This function does not work either, it does not work.

Having set the time to go to bed at 23:00 and wake up at 7:00, I need to get enough sleep. And if earlier I crashed work disruptions to the beta version of the firmware, now I do not even know what’s the matter.

And I even specifically turned on the sound on the smartphone, in order to be sure that the alarm clock I will hear.


The alarm did not work on time, Do Not Disturb automatically did not turn off. As a result, I went up at 11 o’clock in the morning, turned it off myself. Do not disturb, the alarm first worked again after 5 minutes .

And I do not have the faintest idea why the new iOS 12 chip works with such interruptions. Both on the iPhone and on the iPad.

Judging by past comments, I’m not alone. So the problem is far from my own.

Sleep mode needs to be modified


It is simply critical to make sure that with your first alarm, all your notifications begin to arrive. Calls and messages worked.

The task of the application is to make you wake up at the same time. And to make it as painless as possible . After its activation, everything should return to the standard mode of operation.

In addition to the basic sounds for the alarm clock, all other notifications will help your awakening. Yes, they can irritate, but the working effect of this will be .

Especially if your chat rooms like to talk a lot, and there will be a lot of notifications. Another reason why you need to wake up quickly and turn off all the annoying factors .

Now it will be most reliable to use a regular separate alarm clock, not in a smartphone. This is its only function, which will not exactly fail.

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