The main iPhone of the decade. IPhone X Review

Today, one of the main events of the year in the mobile industry happened – the sales of the iPhone X began . You can cry hoarsely that Apple is not the same (or even “that” never was), but the company will not refuse the ability to create a stir around each of its novelties. The iPhone 8 shown at the presentation is crumbs from the table, an attempt to take something at least something in anticipation of the very same iPhone X. Before us is the biggest change in the smartphone Apple almost in the whole history of its existence. Neither the increase in the diagonal of the screen, nor the introduction of the Touch ID, nor the 3D Touch did not add to the devices such a sense of novelty as the frameless display and front-end scanner brought.


The smartphone looks really fresh, and it’s interesting that you immediately notice references to past models. For example, fans of the beautiful iPhone 4 will appreciate the return to the glass , and the chrome side frames (from medical steel, as stated on the Apple website) generally cause nostalgia for the first iPhone.

The first thing you need to know about the iPhone X – it, like other Apple products, in reality looks much better than on the images. Frankly, at the presentation, I completely disliked the design of the new flagship: my eyes were callous and “bangs” in the upper area of ​​the screen, and a vertical photomodule. And in general, everything was wrong with him. Skepticism was maintained exactly until I got the iPhone X out of the box.

The bundle, by the way, is identical to that of the iPhone 8 : USB / Lightning cable, EarPods headphones with Lightning output, adapter from 3.5mm jack to Lightning, documentation, clip and charger.

First, the iPhone X is heavy (174 g). Secondly, he can not be called slim. After the iPhone 7 years ago, you are waiting for something more weightless and subtle – after all, the flagship, and even for that kind of money. Secondly, returning to glass is a very good decision. Let it be scratched and already in the first seconds of use it will be covered with fingerprints, but the gloss looks better than rough aluminum, and in the smartphone of this segment the “rich” look matters.

Thirdly, here is an absolutely incomparable screen. And if to Face ID there are petty claims, then it’s simply impossible to find fault with the display.

The diagonal of the screen itself is 5.8 inches, the largest for the iPhone. This is also the first OLED-display for the smartphone Apple. In comparison with the IPS-matrix, the screen is much brighter and more beautiful. Colors look more natural, the display of the iPhone 7 in comparison with the screen of the iPhone X is openly yellow. By the way, only this year the company has crossed the resolution of Full HD to the iPhone – now it is 2436 × 1125 pixels at a density of 458 ppi.

The main point is that the module from the top does not irritate at all. If, while viewing the model’s images, the eye immediately clings to it and the side ears, in reality such a solution looks acceptable. The system information is taken to the notches along the edges, and with this one small, but nevertheless unpleasant nuance was revealed – charge display in percent here simply did not fit. If you want to know exactly how much energy is left in the iPhone X, you’ll have to open the Quick Access Toolbar, which is pulled out of the same edge with a swipe down.

But the problem is that not all applications are optimized for a new screen. In most third-party programs, thick black bars are displayed above and below, and this kills the idea of ​​a frameless display. It remains to wait for the developers to finalize applications for the iPhone X.

The design is a bit confusing only a vertically positioned camera with two photosensors – looks at least unusually. Probably, in black it will look much more organic. This layout was used for better work with augmented reality. But your iPhone X will not be exactly confused with the iPhone 8 Plus , whose camera module is still horizontal.

Face ID

Perhaps this is a key innovation. Frameless screens we’ve seen before, but three-dimensional scanning of the head – this is still a wonder. Of course, to recognize the owner on the face for several years other smartphones are able, but here the technology is much steeper.

Deceive the camera TrueDepth camera will not work at all desire – the system for a split second is a 3D scan of the head. There are only two nuances. First, Face ID is expected to confuse the twins. Secondly, the system is not recommended for children under 13 years of age – their facial features are still being formed, and eventually the camera may no longer recognize the owner.

The system works quickly, but the Touch ID still seems to be faster, including due to wider use possibilities. After all, you could still get the iPhone out of your pocket to grope for Home and unlock the smartphone for a split second, while bringing it to your eyes. Now everything is different: activated the screen (from now you can just touch the display and it will flash), looked at it, and the device recognized you as the owner.

The technology is gradually being trained, as it was with the Touch ID. So far, it does not work perfectly. Unlock the lying on the desk of the iPhone X is almost impossible, if it lies on your side – you need either to take the device in your hand and bring it to your face, or rise from your chair and look at your smartphone. Also, the system needs eye contact with the owner – with the eyes closed, the novelty will remain under protection.

Thanks to the TrueDepth camera, animoji appeared. You can make faces, which will be imposed on one of the fifteen emoji. Ten-second animation is available for sending to iMessage. The innovation is, of course, useless, but suddenly someone will find it amusing.


Apple has changed the usual pattern of working with iOS: almost all gestures have been reworked, and the formation of new habits takes time. For example, a svayp from the bottom to the top is no longer calling the shortcut bar, but leaving the application. Open the menu of running programs became more difficult. If before there was enough double-clicking on Home, now you need to “pick up” the application and briefly hold it in the center of the screen.

Further more: jerking for the right and left “ear” leads to different results. If you pull at the right ledge, the quick access menu will open – something that was previously activated with a swipe from the bottom up. In the case of the left side, the notification center will open. Reaching with your thumb to the far protrusion, by the way, it’s hard – you need to shift the smartphone in your hand, and at that moment the probability of dropping it sharply increases.

Switching between running applications is made more convenient nowhere – just by shifting left or right around the thin band at the bottom edge of the screen. The action is very smooth, and this way is much faster than opening the menu multitasking.

Small metamorphosis occurred with the keyboard. It was raised about a centimeter from the bottom edge of the display. If you had the keyboard right at the bottom, typing would be inconvenient. On the appeared indent the buttons of change of a layout and voice input are taken out.


Inside lies the filling from the iPhone 8, so in terms of performance, the flagship is not much different from it. The heart is the A11 Bionic processor. This is the first Apple chip with six cores – the last generation of the iPhone was satisfied with four. The device has 3 GB of RAM, which, judging by the overall speed, is enough for him. In the benchmark AnTuTu, the new product scored 219 thousand points – this is more than any other smartphone.

The device received only two versions of the storage. Prior to the premiere of the iPhone X, there was information that the model would be equipped with a 512 GB drive, but Apple decided to keep such a volume for future generations of the smartphone. It remains to choose between 64 and 256 GB (in the second case, the base price will increase by $ 150).

iPhone X plays video in two versions: either on the whole screen, and then part of the picture is eaten by a ledge, or with black stripes on the edges

The battery capacity is almost the same as in the iPhone 8 Plus, 2716 mAh. Check the endurance of the battery for a short test time is impossible, but the standard day the device must work. The Qi wireless charging technology, debuted in the iPhone 8, is also present.


The iPhone X is almost the same camera as the iPhone 8 Plus. The front sensor has a resolution of 7 megapixels with aperture f / 2.2 and support for shooting Full HD video.


Even before the release, there was talk about the high cost of the device. The smartphone really came out too expensive, but Samsung Galaxy Note8, for example, costs almost as much. Even the official price in the US ($ 999) seems too big. But such smartphones are bought by people who are able to give two or three thousand rubles for a stylish device (although not everyone liked the design) and did not feel that it was somewhere.

Without a doubt, this is the best iPhone at the moment. With its release, all previous generations, including the current iPhone 8, now look hopelessly outdated. Apple too long hesitated to update the design – in fact, from 2014, when the iPhone 6 came out. Now everything fell into place: the lack of frames, the newest Face ID system, an excellent display. Application for the best smartphone in 2017? We’ll find out soon.

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