The main actress of “Captain Marvel” responded to the criticism of the first trailer

Twitter users criticized Bree Larson for “overly serious” facial expression in the movie trailer and advised her to smile more often.

After the release of the trailer for the movie on Twitter began to appear the first comments on the expression of the face of the actress.

Is Bree Larson capable of any other facial expressions other than this? It’s a wooden face.
Some time later, publications began to appear in which users themselves added a smile to the promotional materials with the actress.

I corrected Captain Marvel. Thanks to FaceApp.
The actress responded to the criticism by editing the promo photos of other films from the crammed Marvel.

Bree Larson published this in the story of her instanced account. Legend.
After that began to appear similar tweets in support of the actress.

I saw that someone made Carol Denvers / Captain Marvel often smile with the application, and thought that I could do the same with the male superheroes Marvel. I think everyone agrees that these photos look perfectly normal and do not cause horror.
“Captain Marvel” – the first film kirovselennoy with a woman in the title role.

The request “to smile more often” in the US can be perceived as a manifestation of sexism, since it is directly related to the notion that girls should constantly smile and “decorate” space.

Collected on the basis of the material Vice: www.vice.com/en_us/article/gynvnw/brie-larson-was-told-to-smile-so-she-put-smiles-onto-marvel-dudes

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