The Kyrgyz singer recorded a clip on the song about the problems of women’s rights in Kyrgyzstan. Now she is threatened with a head cut off

The main cause for outrage was the frank appearance of the singer in the video.

The Kirghiz were divided into two camps. Some call the singer’s video a real breakthrough in the struggle of Kyrgyz women for their rights, others criticize him, calling immoral, and urge the singer “not to disgrace Kirghizia.” Asylbek also receivedseveral threats of physical violence if she did not remove her clip.

In a big interview with Radio Liberty, Zere stated that the stormy reaction to the video was not a surprise for her. According to her, with the daily aggression on the part of conservative compatriots, young Kyrgyz people come across regularly.

The people of the older generation – mostly the elder, I will not generalize – condemn the young people, who somehow express themselves with external tricks. And it happens every day … Recently I was driving in a trolley bus and noticed how an elderly man said to a boy in shorts: “Why do not you put your pants under your knees? What is this all about? What kind of young people went. ” I look at the reaction of the boy and I understand that he is ashamed. He just chose to move away and say nothing.

Zere Asylbek

The discussion had to be made by Father Zere, Asylbek Zhodonbekov, who was accused by his compatriots that he had not brought up his daughter well. The one on Facebook said that although neither he nor the mother of the girl supports the shooting in his underwear, he respects Zere’s choice.

Yes, Zhere is my daughter. Free-thinking daughter of free Kyrgyzstan.

She has learned from childhood to make decisions, to openly express her opinions, to be active, to set precise goals and to be able to reach them, to fight against injustice, to be creative, not to deceive others and not blame anyone without proof.

Asylbek Zhodonbekov, father of Zere

She has her own opinion about what is happening in Kyrgyzstan. She is now 19 years old. She has been actively involved in various social projects since the age of 17. She is opposed to the unfair treatment of women and girls in our society. The case with Burulay strongly influenced her, he became the impetus for the creation of this song.

Yesterday, after the publication of the clip in our family, there was an ardent argument. Especially heatedly argued about the appearance of Zera in her underwear daughter with her mother. They both cried, at least splashed out their emotions.

Do I support my daughter as a daughter in this way? No, I do not support it. Does mom support? Absolutely does not support, it is against.

Then why did I let my daughter sing in her underwear? I tried to understand her. I do not impose my demands on my daughter only because I am her father. If you ask, ask for help – I will intervene. I myself taught her to make independent decisions when it concerns learning, work, creativity. So, the team that shot the clip, made this decision.

Dear friend from Facebook. If this my little post has tarnished your trust in me, I’m sorry. Without hesitation, remove me from friends.

By the way … Even if due to heated discussions there will be an opportunity to retake the clip, I would not interfere.

I would say: “Daughter, decide for yourself!”

Asylbek Zhodonbekov
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