The first unpacking iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

Videoblogers received cherished iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max a little before the start of sales. And already had time to share their impressions of new products.

In general, all were satisfied with them, but there are also questions.

1. Carl Conrad


One of the first to publish the clip with unpacking and impressions from the iPhone XS is the famous blogger Karl Konrad.

He noted that the flagship is more resistant to scratches than the iPhone X. And on his “top ten” there were scratches that can not but grieve. Now the blogger is confident that the novelty of itself will show much better.

Inside the box, as expected, everything remained the same. The bundle did not change at all (not counting the adapter for headphones).

2. Jonathan Morrison


The second technoblocher was Jonathan Morrison. And already from the first minutes he noticed that the placement of components in new items has changed slightly.

Charging complete with iPhone XS lies on top, and with the iPhone XS Max – from the bottom. With what it is connected, it is unclear.

In addition, the indicators in AnTuTu were just amazing. 5.8-inch last year’s smart scored 241428 points, while the novelty – 318838 points.

As for Face ID, it works much faster, but the horizontal orientation has not appeared.

3. The Verge


The Verge editors were also given the iPhone XS and XS Max a few days before the start of sales.

They noted that the main reason to take now the 6.5-inch model is a large battery. The smartphone works really long.

Alas, but it is possible to use the smartphone only with the help of two hands. The screen was too big.

And the screen does not display more information. It is simply enlarged for proportionality to the display.

It’s impossible to distinguish iPhone XS from iPhone X. To stand out, buy the flagship in gold.

The face scanner, as noted in the publication, works much faster than in the “Top Ten”. The response speed is approximately twice as high.

The camera in the iPhone XS better handles portrait shots. And leaves more detail in the frame. Although still in some elements inferior to the smartphone Pixel 2 XL.

4. Marcus Brownlee


This is perhaps the most famous foreign technobloger, his opinions are listened to by many. He also told us what is waiting for you in the new smartphones Apple.

Marcus was very upset that there was no quick charge in the bundle with the iPhone XS Max. Remained only 5 watts. Adapter to 3.5-mm headphones, too, no, but it’s not a big trouble.

The blogger also appreciated the golden color of the case in new items. And a more saturated screen, when compared with the iPhone X.

By the way, the new animated wallpaper looks really cool.

5. The Economic Times


In the large edition of The Economic Times, too, did not pass the novelty side.

They liked the increased screen of the iPhone XS Max. They say that it looks incredible in this size.

Among the reasons to update the publication called the 7-nm processor A12, improved camera, protection against water according to the IP68 standard, as well as support for two SIM cards using e-sim technology.

But if you ask yourself if it’s worth updating for the iPhone XS with the iPhone X, there’s simply no reason to buy it. In the case of the iPhone XS Max, there is only one reason – a 6.5-inch screen.


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