The Dutchman disassembled the iPhone XS. Detailed video

While the hands of the guys from iFixit did not reach the iPhone XS, the blogger from the YouTube channel Fixeiphone NL decided to disassemble. Having received the device on pre-order, the guy immediately decided to open it.

As well as the previous models of models do without an industrial hair dryer will not work – first the glass should be heated a little.

After the autopsy it was possible to find out that inside the battery is installed with a slightly smaller capacity than in the iPhone X: 2,658 mAh versus 2,716 mAh for the iPhone X.

On a small motherboard is a powerful chip A12 Bionic. In order to improve moisture protection, Apple took care of sizing the entire perimeter of the iPhone XS with rubber seals.

Recorded video author proposes to use as instructions for dismantling the iPhone XS. The video was shot in detail, with a description of each step.

What really impresses with the iPhone XS device is the amount of various plumes on the motherboard.

The complete disassembly of the iPhone XS took about 10 minutes. During the disassembly, there were no components or components that can not be recovered after disassembly. Chances are that iFixit will appreciate the maintainability of the iPhone XS very high.


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