Suddenly! What other gadgets Apple will show this fall

The presentation of Apple September 12 was interesting. In addition to the final versions of iOS 12, watchOS 5 and macOS Mojave on it, we were also shown iPhone XS (Max), iPhone XR and Apple Watch Series 4.

Nevertheless, this autumn the company is unlikely to stop only on these devices. Most likely, she will hold another event, which, among other things, will present an updated iPad Pro with minimal frames around the screen.

What is the chance to see every novelty?

Updated iPad Pro with a frameless screen

Probability: 100%

Apple did not provide updated iPad Pro on the presentation on September 12, so as not to distract us from the three new iPhone.

On the one hand, there was too much for one device event. On the other hand, to offer more powerful tablets together with the “most powerful” smartphones, at least, is silly.

New iPad Pro will be shown a little later. When exactly – a question. But in the source code of iOS 12.1 beta 1 there is already a mention of tablets with Face ID , they are listed there as iPad2018Fall .

Lines of code from iOS 12.1
Lines of code from iOS 12.1

Most likely, we are talking about an 11-inch device based on the chip A12x Bionic . The face scanner in it will work not only in vertical, but also in horizontal orientation.

In Xcode, there is a hint of abandoning Lightning. iPad Pro in theory should be with USB-C, it will be necessary for them to transfer pictures to the big screen in 4K.

An interesting fact: Face ID will work in horizontal mode only in the new iPad Pro. iPhone XS and other smartphones should not get this opportunity.

Recycled MacBook, as well as MacBook Air

Probability: 40%

We continue to expect from Apple a fresh 12-inch MacBook . This year it has not been updated, and there are obviously not enough new keyboards with fewer problems.

In addition, we can also show the jubilee iMac (the line just turned 20 years old), as well as Mac mini , which have not been updated since 2014.

Moreover, Apple can also show the MacBook Air , this is still insisted on by the Economic Daily News .

It can be a device that is perfect for students: a screen of 13 inches, processors of Intel Kaby Lake, the price is up to $ 1,000. Most likely, we will be shown it.

New AirPods 2 headphones with Qi charging case

Probability: 3%

There is a small chance that at the next presentation Apple still will not even present AirPods 2, but at least a case for Qi .

Nevertheless, we lowered it to such a small level due to problems with AirPower – Apple’s proprietary wireless charging station.

Most likely, new headphones with a case should not wait until 2019.

AirPower Wireless Charging Station

Probability: 1%

A year after the presentation of AirPower, we do not just start worrying about Apple’s branded wireless charging station – no, we’ve already written it off.

The question is in the hardware problems that Apple engineers encountered. In the current state of the device is hot, poorly measures the level of charge and creates interference.

Theoretically, AirPower should have three places for charging: iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods. That is the problem.

Try to find the device on the official website of Apple. Previously, finding a mention of him was quite simple, but today it has become very difficult.

“Light” smart HomePod mini column

Probability: 1%

HomePod and something like HomePod mini
HomePod and something like HomePod mini

There are no actual rumors about HomePod mini. Most likely, in the near future a new smart Apple column with a small price, we just will not see.

The company has not yet cope with not the greatest demand for a regular HomePod, it has not started selling it in many countries.

The best that can happen on the next presentation of Apple – HomePod will begin to sell in Russia.

Budget iPhone SE2 for Developing Countries

Probability: 0.01%

Concept iPhone SE2, which we will never see
Concept iPhone SE2, which we will never see

Despite the abundance of rumors about the iPhone SE2, we almost certainly will not see it.

At the presentation on September 12, Apple already showed a whole line of new iPhone: XS and XS Max, as well as XR. Moreover, the company left on sale even the iPhone 7 , which now costs 39 thousand rubles.

Given the current exchange rate, this is not enough. This is a new budget iPhone.

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