Rogozin promised a manned flight of the moon in 2024

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The general director of Roskosmos state corporation Dmitry Rogozin believes that Russia will be able to send astronauts to the manned space flight of the Moon in 2024. He said this, speaking on Saturday at RSC Energia.

“We believe that the ballistics specialists believed that in 2024, even with the existing potential, a missile that can take 27 tons of cargo to the low reference orbit and the spacecraft [Soyuz], they can dock in a near-earth orbit, and then accelerate, break away from the earth’s gravity and go to the Moon, and make it manned overflight. We can do this even in 2024, “Rogozin said.

He also called the lunar program “the peak of scientific activity of all space powers” and expressed doubts that Russia needs to participate in foreign moon projects, and not to develop its near-moon station. “The US is developing its Deep Space Gateway program, they still offered to participate in this program, but they believe that this program is theirs, a large American national program, and all the others should participate. I do not really like this idea, I believe that the Russian Federation simply can not afford to participate in other people’s projects on secondary roles, “said Roscosmos CEO.

Rogozin said that he will meet with the head of NASA Jim Brydenstein on October 10 and, in particular, plans to discuss Russian participation in the Deep Space Gateway.

State Corporation Roskosmos and the American aerospace agency NASA agreed to create a space station in orbit around the Moon in September 2017, at the International Congress on Astronautics in Adelaide. More information about these plans and international cooperation can be found in our material “Intermediate Station” .

SpaceX intends to send a flight around the moon on its reusable rocket BFR the first space tourist – they will become a 42-year-old billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, the founder of Japan’s largest online clothing store Zozotown. According to the founder of the company Ilon Mask, the flight is scheduled for 2023. The first ticket to a traveler around the moon in 2011 was sold by the company Space Adventures, its cost was about 120 million dollars. The company offered a flight on a modified Russian “Soyuz” with an additional module docked. The  leadership of the RSC Energia, which builds the Soyuz, declared about participation in this project .

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