Pain! On the iPhone XS is not suitable cases from the iPhone X

Japanese resource Macotakara published proof that the iPhone X is not suitable for the iPhone XS.

Rather, you can use accessories from the “dozens”, but, in doing so, you will completely kill the inner perfectionist.

And the hateful sticking out camera is to blame for everything . The fact is, the size of the oval of the iPhone X does not match the size of the iPhone XS. The flagship is slightly larger.

The reason for this change is the increased sensor of the wide- angle camera.

The dimensions of the dual camera module of the iPhone X were 24.13 x 11.26 mm (smaller and larger oval diameters).

But the dimensions of the camera module of the iPhone XS are already 25.5 x 11.27 mm, which is 1.37 mm larger.

Here’s what the iPhone X looks like if you put it on the iPhone XS.

The turner would not forgive that for sure. But the buyer is not a turner, so he will have to buy a new case. If you really update to the iPhone XS, so do not save the same on accessories? [Macotakara ]

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