Mobile Internet in iPhone XS is 4 times faster than in iPhone X

While buyers are waiting for the delivery of the iPhone XS and XS Max, the research company SpeedSmart has decided to test the real data download speed when installing in the flagship models of SIM-cards top American operators.

The results compared with the results of the iPhone X. The difference is impressive.

Measurements were made in LTE networks. The speed increase is the following (in comparison with the iPhone X):

  • AT & T: increase download speed 4.85 times
  • T-Mobile: increase download speed 3.1 times
  • Verizon: increase download speed 3.86 times

The speed of sending changed 2 – 2.7 times upwards.

Such cardinal qualitative improvement became possible thanks to a new LTE-modem, which is installed in the iPhone XS and XS Max. This modem supports even gigabit LTE-networks. [PhoneArena ]

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