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In the UK on the roof of the hospital found a hive of more than 50 thousand bees

They will be resettled on a field where insects “will live happily”.

Frame from Tree Bee Society

Employees Fullbourne Hospital in the British Cambridge found on the roof of the hospital a large number of bees. September 10, they noticed that in the hospital appeared too many insects.

The bees were under a roof in a room where only hospital personnel are allowed. Employees of the institution called beekeepers, who counted from 50 to 60 thousand bees.

The specialists took almost 12 hours to collect bees, which, presumably, were there “for years”. They said that they were “wet” in honey, collecting insects and honeycombs. Some specialists were stung during the harvest.

Director of the company Tree Bee Society Abigail Reed said that the bees will be relocated to the field in Lancashire, where they will “live happily.”


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