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In Saratov and Balashov, police horses are starving, one died. Police say there are no problems

Zooists say that before the animals were fed by volunteers, but then they were no longer allowed into the stable.

Photo «Saratov-24»

In Saratov, police horses are starving, animals are in poor condition and do not react to people. About this edition of “Saratov 24” September 9, said a visitor to the city hippodrome Lyudmila Fedorova.

Hippodrome staff told the publication that the animals have been in the same room for several months. According to them, there are about 50 animals in the enclosure, no one walks with them and does not clean the rooms. Director of the Saratov hippodrome Ekaterina Soboleva said that she does not know what is happening in the stable, since this is a police office and she does not have access there.

According to the head of the press service of the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Dmitry Rasskazov, the veterinary feldsher takes care of the horses, in addition, a contract with an individual entrepreneur has been concluded for their care.

Photo «Fourth power»

On September 10, the regional police told that 22 departmental horses eat in accordance with the rules and receive 7 kilograms of hay and 6 kilograms of oats per day. 12 of them are used to carry out patrol duty. Colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Andrei Chepurnoy told the “Fourth Power” that 10 of the 22 horses are already old and they will be soon disposed of. He explained that this does not mean that animals will be killed – individual entrepreneurs or state bodies can buy them back, but this can not be done for service.

On September 11, veterinary Ivan Kalyuzhny examined the horses , looked at their teeth, listened to their breathing and checked the ribs. The doctor came to the conclusion that the condition of horses corresponds to their age. According to Free-News Volga, many horses are 24 years old, which corresponds to 70 years for people.

Photo FreeNews Volga

In this case, the veterinarian advised the police to examine the animals in detail in order to determine the cause of the lack of weight. According to the expert, the animals could lose weight in connection with the summer flu. Private horse-owner Irina Zecpilina told reporters that the summer looked like an oily animal.

It is impossible to say that this animal was not fed and not taken care of. I looked at his feces and, if he were not fed, it would contain a lot of mucus, digestibility would be different and there would be a different volume. Plus, the horse is cheerful. If it were not fed, then it would clearly be traced such signs as oppression, drowsiness.

Ivan Kalyuzhny

On September 12, Natalia Zhernova, an animal rescuer and pensioner of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, told that the horses suffer from exhaustion in Balashov’s police. On the same day, the regional prosecutor’s office announced that it would check information about police horses starving in Saratov and Balashov.

September 18, the Interior Ministry Directorate for Saratov announced electronic auctions for the purchase of more than 40 tons of feed. The police buys 20 tons of hay at the maximum price of 200 thousand rubles, as well as 20.8 tons of oats for no more than 271 thousand rubles. However, auctions will be held on October 1, and the winning supplier must bring food within 10 days.

September 19, the day it became known that a police horse named Tornado, born in 1998, died at the Saratov Hippodrome. The press service of the police told that the reason for the death of the animal will be established by examination.

Rescuer Alexander Dombrovsky, referring to his sources, claimed that he died not 24-year-old Tornado, as officially announced, but an eight-year horse. According to Dombrowski, the horses were going to be transferred to the regiment of the patrol-guard service in order to limit access to them for the public. Later, he deleted the record of horses, saying that the “situation with feed and care” has already been put on the level.

A local journalist, Elena Nalimova, said that the volunteers brought food to the police horses several times, but then they did not let them into the stable again. According to Nalimova, on September 24 the Saratov police will officially announce that they decided to make horses.

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