iFixit disassembled the iPhone XS. Differences from the iPhone X is

On the day of the launch of sales of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max got to the popular iFixit smartphones and notebooks parsers. The guys immediately started to dismantle and carefully analyze the installed components.

All the differences iFixit recorded, providing them with detailed photos. Comparison was conducted with last year’s flagship iPhone X.

So in the iPhone XS Max, the Taptic Engine module was added. The big iPhone has more vibrations.

A larger flagship has a much larger motherboard. The display connector on it was moved to the bottom.

But the camera shots with a 32% increased sensor and larger pixels. The dimensions of the dual module on the case have slightly increased, so trying on a case from the iPhone X on the iPhone XS will not work .

About batteries, it has already been said a lot . iFixit provided their visual comparison.

The iPhone XS battery has a capacity of 2 569 mAh, the iPhone XS Max has 3 179 mAh. The L-shaped shape of the battery has changed slightly.

The maintainability of the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max was rated at 6 points out of 10. The main problem that the dealers face is to replace the glass on the back of the case. To install a new one, you’ll have to disassemble the iPhone to the last cog. iFixit ]
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