I advise you to change the charger for iPhone

The main problem for all iPhones except the Plus and SE is the battery. It discharges quickly, it takes quite a long time to charge in comparison with competitors.

Apple has everything you need to ease this problem right out of the box! But he is greedy. Therefore, we will continue to act.

What’s wrong with the complete charging for iPhone

Since time immemorial, the same charger has been placed in the box with your iPhone. This is a 5-watt single – amber bar in white, MD813ZM (model code).

5-watt charging was developed long ago – when your iPhone was small and thick. By its technical parameters, it is already outdated and does not meet the capabilities of the device with which it is delivered! It turns out that

complete charging is not just obsolete, but also directly spoils your life every day.

The average charging time for iPhone 7 from the complete charger is 3 hours. If you use third-party cables , adapters or cheap lanyards with AliExpress, the recharging time can grow to 4 or even 5 hours .

So much should not be charged smartphone for 70 thousand rubles, you must agree.

In this case, the same Apple cheerfully sells another charger for its portable gadgets. This is the best accessory that every iPhone owner should have.

Why do you need to replace your charge for this


12-watt 2.4-amp “brick” MD836ZM-A (model code). It is known to all buyers of the “big” iPad, where it is put by default.

This adapter is EXTENDED .

With such charging, my iPhone 7 Plus charges from 0 to 100% for an hour and a half . One and a half! This is actually a quick charge for the iPhone , which Apple is ashamed to promote, because then people will want to have it bundled, not bought.

Buying this 12-watt charger changes life for the better.

With this unit, I have 20 minutes to charge with an iPhone to use it all day – during this time it will gain 40-60% of the charge without problems. A full charge for this time would give a maximum of 20-30 percent.


What am I leading to? 12-watt adapter for iPhone – the best purchase of an accessory, which can be made up to 3000 rubles. The iphone should be quickly charged, should be always ready, and it’s long time possible.

Every day this charge will work out the money – to charge the iPhone much faster than before. There will be no more situations when you leave the house with a half-discharged device, even though it stays on the cable for a couple of hours.

Postpone your elongated charge, buy a “brick” for 12 watts – and very soon you will thank me . Having once tried the 2-hour charging of your iPhone, I do not want to go back to the 4-hour clock.

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