How to find AirPods if they are lost

The AirPods headset has both disadvantages and a number of significant advantages that make the use of the accessory paired with the iPhone very convenient.

One of the chips of wireless headphones is the built-in search system. It can be used when I lost one or a pair of headphones.

How the AirPods search works

Video screen image of Apple AirPods during a media event in San Francisco, California, U.S. September 7, 2016. Reuters/Beck Diefenbach – RTX2OJO3

The search system has its own peculiarities and limitations, which should be known before use.

First , the system works if the headphones are out of the charger case. They will be played a sound signal, which will help you find an accessory.

Secondly , to send a signal within the range of Bluetooth should be any of the mates associated with AirPods. It will send a signal from it, if the headset is out of range of the module, the signal will not go.

Thirdly , the headphones will be displayed on the map rather conditionally, which is clearly not enough to find the device, you only need to navigate the sound. You will hear it only in complete silence.

If the headphones in the case, you have to look for yourself, if the search area is large – you have to go to find the Bluetooth signal. The search for a headset outside the premises will not succeed, the sound can not be heard on the street.

The application itself will tell you about the possibility of searching for AirPods.

The blue indicator will indicate the device used to find the headset, the green indicator next to AirPods indicates that the device is online – you can start searching. A gray indicator next to the AirPods indicates that the headphones are unplugged, discharged, out of range or placed in a cover.

How to find AirPods

1. You will need to find the iPhone or iCloud web version of the application .

2. After authorization in the application, you will see a list of devices connected to the Apple ID. On the site for this go to the Find an iPhone section .

3. Select the headset in the list of devices.


4. Click the Play Sound button .

The headphones will begin to play sound with increasing volume for two minutes. You can individually turn on or off the playback on the right or left earpiece.

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