How to disable the dictation key on the keyboard in iOS?

When typing SMS text constantly pops up a window with a suggestion to include dictation. How can I disable this?

Egor, welcome.

The situation with the dictation in iOS 10 and its regular keyboard is quite curious. Even if it’s disabled by default, the iOS keyboard still displays an icon with a microphone.

Deactivation of the dictation “forever and with the ends” can be performed as follows.

1. Open Settings -> General -> Keyboard and enable the slider in the Dictation box (yes, turn it on).

2. Agree with the request of the system to send data to the Apple server.

3. Return to the dialog window or to any application (the same Notes ) and make sure that the microphone icon next to the space bar is still present.

4. Now go back to Settings -> General -> Keyboard and turn off the dictation. Agree to the warning and confirm the choice by tapping on Turn off the dictation .

The image of the microphone immediately disappears from the keyboard, and the bothering request to enable the dictation function when accidentally pressed during the set, disappears.

Note : Apple warns that dictation will not work on the Apple Watch smart watch. Do not believe. Everything works fine even after disabling this feature on the iPhone.

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