How to disable Siri and Voice input on the lock screen?

In the pocket, the HOME button is pressed and the voice input is turned on, how can I turn it off? If the phone is on the table, and take it – the screen lights up, how to remove?

Good afternoon.

To disable voice input on the locked screen: 
1. Activate Siri ( Settings – Siri ). 
2. Disable Siri on the locked screen ( Settings – Siri – On the locked screen ). 
3. Disable access to the assistant in the password settings ( Settings – Touch ID and password-code – Siri ).

Now a long press of the button on the locked screen will not launch any voice input, nor Siri.

To disable the Rise To Wake function (it is responsible for automatically turning the screen on the iPhone 6S / SE / 7), go to Settings – Screen and Brightness and turn off the Lift to activate

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