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Found the first animal of the Earth

The first animal on Earth was dickinsonia (Dickinsonia) – a sort of soft symmetrical flat cake, reminiscent of either a feather, or a palm branch. In her forefathers or in her mothers, paleontologists were determined by our compatriot Ilya Bobrovskiy, who now works at the Australian University (Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University).
Ilya Bobrovsky personally extracted the remains of two dickinsons – he extracted them from a cliff located in Pomorie. The study showed that fossils have preserved organic substances. Scientists have determined their composition. And found a high concentration of cholesterol. This meant only one thing: dickinsons were animals. After all, only representatives of the animal world – cholesterol – produce.
The current discovery of paleontologists shows that the first animals appeared long before the so-called Cambrian explosion, which occurred about 540 million years ago – the creature suddenly suddenly burst forth. Dickinsonia “wound up” much earlier – at least 20 million years.

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