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For Russian officials and law enforcement agencies launch a separate cellular network

By 2024, Russia plans to create a wireless network for officials and representatives of government law enforcement agencies. It will be built on the basis of LTE-450 technology, the main advantage of which is the ability to manage priorities for groups of users.

The LTE-450 provides the ability to work smartphones in radio mode (protocol Push-to-Talk). There is also the possibility of transferring the video stream at the expense of impressive speed. At the same time, it is possible to ensure a constant and uninterrupted coverage of the network using a minimal set of base stations.

The government of the Russian Federation has been discussing this network for a long time. Finally, the officials decided on the necessary frequency range. The network needs a range of 450 MHz.

It is curious that today this frequency belongs to the operator of cellular communication Tele2. The telecommunications company plans to take part in this project and is currently in active negotiations with government officials. Vedomosti ]

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