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Flashmob: Why did not I tell the police about harassment and rape?

On Twitter, because of Twram Trump, they tell why they did not report the incident at once.

Judge Cavanaugh. Holiday pictures AP

On September 21, President Donald Trump wrote several tweets about the situation of Christine Blaise Ford, who accused Judge Brett Cavanaugh of rape.

Rape occurred in the 1980s, when both were in high school. Ford told about this only in 2012 at a reception with a therapist, and in the summer of 2018 she appeared publicly. Cavanaugh denied the accusations.

Trump backed the judge and wondered why Ford had not told about everything 36 years ago, right after the accident. To this, Twitter users responded with a flash mob under the hashtag #WhyIdidntReport (why I did not contact the police).

“Judge Brett Cavanaugh is a good man with an impeccable reputation. He is attacked by radical left politicians, who do not need answers, they want only to destroy. Facts are not important [for them]. I run into this every day ”

“I have no doubt that if the incident was as serious as Ford claims, then there would be an appeal to local authorities from her or her parents. I ask that she show this appeal so that we can find out the date, time and place ”

“Radical left-wing politicians want the FBI to intervene now. Why did not anyone contact the FBI 36 years ago? ”
After that, other Twitter users began to share their stories about why they did not contact the police immediately after harassment and rape.

Some feared negative consequences, others explained that they considered the incident to be their mistake. Someone said that he was too young to realize what had happened.

“I was in the third grade, he was 17. His father was my mother’s boss and threatened to fire her. And I know that the church with which my parents worked, twice defended it. I found out about him, if I’m not mistaken, he became a policeman. Detective ”

“[I did not contact the police] precisely because of what happens to Ford. The US president is trying to humiliate her. Can you imagine? You are not doing anything wrong. I was humiliated, scared, feeling dirty and ugly. I still know my truth and do not want anyone to question it ”

“He lived in my house”

“Because I was a child. He was my uncle, I was ashamed and scared. I did not understand that someone I love can harm me ”

“In my case it was a man who broke into my apartment in the middle of the night, I was 18. And I did not tell my parents, because I did not want to be screamed at me for the whole life that I provoked it myself”

“I did not tell anyone, because I was afraid my father would shoot a guy and go to jail, and it will be my fault. Is there any adviser to the senator who can choose the best stories on this tag and read them at the hearings on the Cavanaugh case? ”

“I did not want to admit what happened, even for myself”

“Because I know the reality well: no witnesses, damage to the genitals and the absence of sperm means no punishment. Why try? If someone harms you, they can always escape punishment. And he was able ”

“He was the nephew of my father’s girl, was older and stronger than me. It all started when I was seven, and I thought he would hurt me more and no one would believe me. It took me four years to tell the truth. He mocked other children, as I later learned ”

“The first time I talked about this at school. I was told that I’m crazy and I need to be treated. The second time I did not say. The third time I did not say. At 4,5,6,7,8 times I did not say. Peers harassed me and mocked me for several years ”

“I waited more than 20 years before I talked about my rapist. Because I was 14. Because he was my hero. Because it was a priest. Because I thought that I would be expelled from school. Because I thought that no one would believe me. Because I thought that suicide – it’s easier than telling at least one person ”

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