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Eric Schmidt predicts bifurcation of the Internet

In Chinese and American.

Eric Schmidt // photo CNBC

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, speaking at a closed event organized by the company Village Global VC, predicted that over the next decade the Internet will be split into two segments under the leadership of China and the US, reports CNBC.

Economist Tyler Cowen asked Schmidt about the possibility of fragmentation of the Internet in the coming years by various “sub-Internet” with various regulation and limited access between them: “What are the chances, say, 10-15 years, that we will have three or four separate Internet? “.

It seems to me that the most likely scenario now is not splitting up, but rather branching – on the Internet led by China and the “non-Chinese” Internet led by America.

Eric Schmidt
Technical consultant of the company Alphabet

As an expert in technology, Schmidt has long been watching the development of the IT industry in China: according to him, Chinese Internet companies are showing phenomenal results. However, the ex-CEO of Google warns that in the context of globalization, China will not only spread its products and services, but also impose its own rules of the game – such as censorship and state control.

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