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Durov announced an important update of Telegram for iOS

Pavel Durov announced a major reshuffle in Telegram for iOS. They will happen in the next couple of weeks.

Since December 2017, developers have released and supported alternative messenger Telegram the X . After a while he disappeared from the App Store. It turns out, not just.

This change will make Telegram the most popular messaging application written entirely in Swift.

Some believe that this is a big risk, but someone should take such risks and be the first to introduce new technologies, such as end-to-end encryption or Swift.

Durov said that in the next one or two weeks, the main messenger will completely switch to the Swift programming language from Apple, which was tested in “X”. It is faster and more energy efficient than Objective C, speaking of Telegram X.

Because the application will rely on an entirely new code base, bugs and crashes are quite possible. But the developers promised to fix everything “as soon as, right away.” Pavel Durov ]

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